10 Quick Ways To Stay Awake When You Feel Sleepy At Work

Feeling sleepy at work is a pretty common occurrence, even when you’re working in a corporate office.  And when you work from home, feeling drowsy while working is quite natural- with the temptation of your bed just a few feet away. 

A wide variety of factors may be contributing to your sleepiness during work, including the desk and chair you use.

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep to tackle drowsiness. If you have a good sleep at night and you still feel sleepy at work, then this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for. We’ve all experienced our fair share of falling asleep at work, and so we’re here with a few easy tips and tricks to stay more alert and awake during office hours. 

1. Switch Your Task

Doing a single task for a long time is good but it can make you feel dull and bored. Doing the same work for a long time feels monotonous, eventually leading you to sleepiness. If you feel this way, try working on another project. Do something else that feels exciting, enjoyable and attention-grabbing.

If you have certain tasks that you need to finish urgently, try doing them at the beginning of the day. When we start working, our brains are the most active and energetic. Saving the tough tasks for the early morning ensures our full attention and a task well done.

2. Use Pomodoro Technique

Sitting for a long period of time can make you feel sleepy. It is also bad for your health.

The best way to get rid of this is using the Pomodoro technique. The idea is to take a 5-minute break after a 25-minute work session. After completing four 25 minute work sessions, take a 20-minute break. You can also customize the time according to your convenience.

The Pomodoro technique will also make you more productive and help you in managing your time better.

You can use a browser extension to use this technique effectively. I am using the Strict Workflow extension.

3. Splash Cold Water On Your Face

This is the quickest solution. Splash some cold water on your face, which will make you feel refreshed and energized. 

Splashing water on your face is an instant solution to drowsiness. Do it every time you feel tired or sleepy. We guarantee it’ll make you feel revived and fresh. In fact, you can do it multiple times a day!

4. Enjoy A Tea Or Coffee Break

Taking a tea or coffee break can help you to stay awake for a while. The idea is simple. Pause your work and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Choosing tea or coffee depends on your preference. While coffee can help you to stay awake for a long time, excessive caffeine intake can harm your sleep schedule.

 Green tea is our personal favorite. It relieves stress too.

5. Watch Something Interesting On Youtube

When you feel sleepy, try watching something interesting on Youtube. It will trick your brain to wake up.

However, don’t make it a habit as it may lead to procrastination. We’d suggest not to do it frequently. 

6. Try exercising

We’re all well aware of the life-changing benefits exercise has on our bodies. Guess what? It helps with drowsiness too! It boosts your energy, revitalizes your body and helps you to get rid of sleepiness. There are some exercises that you can do sitting right at your desk.

However, if exercise is not your thing, you can try stretching your body or taking a quick walk.

7. Take A Power Nap

When it’s really tough for you to stay awake, it’s better to take a power nap. A 10-20 minutes nap can help you to get rid of sleepiness and boost your energy.

You may not be able to fall asleep instantly, and it’s not necessary to sleep the entire time. Even if you don’t fall asleep within your power nap time, you will still feel refreshed and energetic. The act of relaxing your body for sleep is essential in combating sleepiness.

It might take some time to get used to taking a power nap. But with time and practice, you will gradually get better at it.

8. Drink Enough Water

Dehydration can make you feel sleepy, dizzy and weak. Make sure to keep a glass of water on your desk all the time.

Maintain your water intake according to the amount that’s healthy for you, and don’t forget to take a sip whenever you feel thirsty.

9. Keep A Sound Environment

It’s very necessary to have a sound environment in the office to make you feel fresh and energetic. Make sure your office has a good lighting setup. If possible, try to get direct sunlight.

Another important thing is indoor plants. Plants are known to enhance the atmosphere of your home office as well as uplifting your mood and reducing stress. 

10. Avoid Heavy Meals

When you take a heavy meal, your digestive system gets busy processing the food and blood flows to the system. And it makes you feel sleepy.

So avoid taking a heavy meal. Especially at lunchtime.


Working from home is a challenge in itself, and we applaud you for trying it. Just like any other habit, trying these tips on a regular basis will eventually lead you to staying awake at work.

However, if you have health disorders that make you sleepy at work, you should consult with a doctor.

We’d love to hear from you. What do you do to combat sleep during office hours?

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