Sauder 417586 Computer Desk Review

There are many different desk styles that you can opt for. Regardless of whether you prefer form or function, you should be able to find a desk that fits your needs. There are more modern desks which tend to be made out of metal and glass which are an excellent choice for an office with a more sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

Glass desks have the advantage regarding the amount of space they take up. Since glass desks tend to be around the same size as their metal frame, they will take up less room in your office. On the other hand, you may find that a glass desk is more fragile than you would prefer, but most desks made of glass are sufficiently resilient.

Sauder 417586 Harbor View Corner Computer Desk A2, Salt Oak


If you are looking for a desk which you can be sure is durable enough to withstand a good deal of damage, a wooden desk may be the best option for you. Wooden desks are more resilient than glass, but this is not the main reason for their popularity. Desks made of wood are usually preferred for their looks.

Since wooden desks tend to be somewhat heavy and bulky, you will find that they have been mostly phased out of modern workspaces, but there are still some who prefer to use them. Some would argue that wood is a superior material than glass when used in desks for several reasons.

For example, a wooden desk will not get as cold as a desk which is made out of glass thanks to wood’s lower degree of thermal conductivity. This is only a concern if your workspace does not have a climate control, however, as your desk will not get cold in an office which is relatively warm.

The look of a wooden desk is much more traditional, which will fit into the design of some workspaces. If your office has a more retro aesthetic, you will find that a wooden desk is a better option than a desk which is made out of glass.

Drawers And Compartments

If you are looking for a desk, you will want to think about how much storage space you will need on your desk. Many modern glass desk designs don’t even have drawers or storage space, trading it instead for a frame in which space is more efficiently used, which results in more legroom.

While desks with excellent legroom have become the preferred design, some people will find that this results in their desk becoming cluttered. If you don’t have room in your office for filing cabinets and other storage solutions for your work supplies, you will want a desk with storage room.

Sauder 417586 Harbor View Corner Computer Desk A2, Salt Oak


Storage space on a desk can come in many different forms, but the most common one is a set of drawers. There was a time when every desk had at least one or two small drawers for writing materials, but as time has gone by, the computer has become the primary work implement over the pen.

You don’t need a drawer to hold the things that you use to interface with your computer as your mouse and keyboard are right in front of you. If a lot of your work is still based on paper, you will want to opt for a desk with drawers.

About The Product

This desk is made to resemble an older model, but it comes equipped with all of the amenities that you would want out of a modern product. Let’s take a look at why this desk is a blend of classy older aesthetics with today’s convenience.


  • Features a sliding tray for your keyboard and mouse
  • Features a modular design which can be arranged as you please
  • Features a cabinet with shelving for more natural organization
  • This desk has adjustable mounting points to ensure that everything is mounted properly
  • The top of the desk features a hole for cable management
  • Comes finished with a rustic salt oak color
  • Features two small drawers and one larger file drawer


There are a few reasons why you may wish to invest in a desk which is made out of a material that has mostly been phased out. This particular wooden desk embodies most of the reasons why wooden desks are still a valid option when you are laying out your workspace.

Unlike most glass desks, this model features a relative abundance of drawers. The two uppermost drawers are regularly sized, and the bottom drawer under them is optimized for files, so it is larger. There is also a cabinet in which you may store your computer or anything else that is relatively large.

Sauder 417586 Harbor View Corner Computer Desk

This desk also features a few amenities which could be considered modern, however. Unlike most traditional wooden desks, this product features a sliding tray on which you can place your keyboard and mouse. This is indeed a product that blends the best of the old and the best of the new.


What Others Say

Other customers had a good deal to say about this desk as well. Most of them were satisfied with the relatively impressive build quality when this desk is compared to other models in its price range. This desk was also praised for its concise assembly instructions.

There was some criticism about this desk as well. Many customers were not happy with the length of the assembly process, stating that this desk took around 4 or 5 hours on average for two people to build. This desk is also rather heavy, which makes it difficult to transport.

Buying Advice

One of the main advantages of this desk is its price point when compared to other wooden models. Most wooden desks of this size retail for at least double the price of the Sauder 417586. This product usually retails for around 300 dollars on Amazon and other online storefronts.


If you want a wooden desk with all of the advantages of a newer model, you should try out the Sauder 417586. We hope that we have been able to give you a good idea of the pros and cons of this desk. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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