The Crucial Office Wall Decor Guide: Interior Design Ideas & Tips

When you enter your home office, the last thing you want is a feeling of dread wash over you because you can’t stand looking at the office itself.

If you’re the type of person that finds it essential to surround themselves with an office environment that’s agreeable with their persona, then you need to put the extra effort into the decorating aspect of the office building process.

Other than finding the best office furniture that promotes high productivity levels, your office decor should promote the same thing.

When you break it down, you can dictate the ambiance of your office by the wall color you decide on. So when you head over to your local home improvement store, you should make sure to distinguish a paint color that sits best with your psyche.

Now comes the pressing question as to what color paint would best suit your office space? The answer is simple, and once you figure it out you can easily use it to your advantage. All you have to do is specify what type of experience you’re trying to provide for your clients as well as yourself.

Wall decor in the office building.

Scientists have broken this down to a science and it goes by the name chromology. For those who aren’t familiar with the subject, chromology refers to the study of color.

Little do you know that companies have used chromology to their advantage when designing their office spaces to promote optimal worker productivity.

The right wall color can impact the mood and reactions of both workers and customers, which can significantly improve the chances of a business succeeding.

In fact, a study recently published in an accredited psychology journal has found that over 90% of impulsive judgments made by customers were based on both the packaging and branding of a company. This refers to the physical components as well as the online components of a business.

What Is The Best Color For Office Walls?

Below we’ll be breaking down certain wall colors and the effects they have on both you and potential customers. You can use the color listed below as a guide to narrow down the paint color decision you ultimately have to make.


If you want to grab the attention of your customers or clients the moment that they step into your office, then lo and behold red is the color you should paint your walls.

Red office.

When you think about, red is universally known to be a dramatic color that demands your attention since it’s used for traffic lights as well as stop signs. In some cultures, red is known to be a color of good luck and wealth.

In regards to the physical effects that the color red has on the body; you should expect red to increase your heart rate and blood pressure. It will also make you believe that time is passing by quicker than it really is.

If you feel yourself going to the bathroom more often, don’t fret because red indirectly increases your metabolic rate as well, which is excellent for your health.

Now you may wonder why all these physical effects are noteworthy, and that’s because they all come together to enhance your productivity.


If you feel that you have trouble focusing, your office should be decorated in such a way that focusing doesn’t become an issue. A color that can significantly help in that department is hands down the color blue. Simply put, blue functions to stimulate your mind.

For those who are aspiring to decorate their office environment to promote a clear head, a strong and dramatic blue paint job is the way to go. On the other hand, soft blue colors also aid in concentration and end up leaving you feeling calm and centered.

Scientists have found out that blue calms people down since it stimulates certain areas of the brain to release tranquilizers that remove anxiety and depression from the picture. This is great if you find it difficult to motivate yourself to finish your work for the day. 

Blue office.

Blue has an entirely different effect than red has on the human body since it slows down your heart rate as well as decreases your appetite. If you have groups of people working together, the color blue gives off the effects required for optimal productivity.

In regards to its application in business, blue tones will increase your worker’s productivity on top of help in concentration.


For those looking to create an office that grabs at someone’s emotions, you can’t choose a better color than yellow. Yellow will leave you in a state of optimism that will surely have you ready to complete any task that’s thrown at you.

Keep in mind that yellow is a tricky color to work with because the wrong tone has proven to trigger anxiety in some individuals. For instance, some studies have shown that babies particularly cry a lot more in yellow rooms than in any other color.

On the other hand, another study has shown that students perform over 10 percent better when they’re taking tests in yellow rooms than in rooms of any other color.

When discussing an office space, the correct shade of yellow is a graphic designer’s haven because it allows you to get more creative with your home office wall decor.

Yellow is known to match with a plethora of interior designer recommended office items, so it would be the best color to complement home office wall art.

Yellow office.

Once you decide on a color to paint your office walls, you can then move on to decide on your office wall décor. What you choose in regards to your home office wall art says a lot about you as a person, so you need to choose carefully.

List Of Ideas For Office Wall Art

  • Motivational Quotes
  • Homey Pictures
  • Pictures of Places that Inspire You
  • playPictures of Family & Friends

The list goes on for office wall art ideas, so ultimately it’s up to you to decide on the setting you want your office to provide.

If you don’t expect many customers or clients because you’re decorating an office to suit only your particular tastes, then feel free to put up the office wall art that you see fit. Those who are expecting clients, keep in mind that you can’t put up something too personal since that can turn some people off.

Your office should promote a place of productivity and positivity. If you strictly follow those two guidelines, then you can’t go wrong with the decorating aspect of creating your office.