The 7 Best Under Desk Footrests For Office

What we purely need during the work hours; the relaxation after the day spent at work.

The first or second hours consumed without any problem, but the continuous and longer work hours on the desk may make your body start feeling tired, and the first in the line is our feet.

They are most vulnerable to receive the very first signs of tiredness because they are not put active at work.

I meant your mind, hands, fingers, eyes, and even the neck; they are all indulged with the work and are frequently moving.

However, the feet are staying inactive, making your whole body catching the bit of tiredness after some while of being idle.

When the stress built all-around your feet, then it is the time to start taking care of your feet.

Moreover, the only solution is having the footrest added just below your feet; to rest while you work.

The Benefits Of Using A Footrest

So here we come up with the great and the even best 7 under desk footrests for you to use in your office.

1. Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest

The best, the best ergonomic adjustable footrest that comes tilting and made by Eureka, the pioneer in shaping up the best office wears.

This footrest designed in the ergonomic method that makes it adjustable and comfortable to provide a big chunk of support to your legs through the right angle when your feet are placed thoroughly over it.

Also, the surface of the unit is not made flat but the addition of rubber along with the built-in dots and the lines to get the foot massage as long as your foot placed.

So, that entirely gives the great benefit of relieving the pressure built around your foot and the legs through continuous sitting.

Rubber-made feet of the unit do not let it get scratched while putting over the rough or the rugged floor.

The foot placement area is, however, made of all rubber that provides a great healthy environment around your work area due to the standardized chemical emissions.

Last but not the least, it is designed to float where the Eureka ergonomic tilt-adjustable footrest can stretch to as much as 20 degrees where it is very beneficial for your legs to keep the blood circulated.

2. AmazonBasics Foot Rest

This incredibly adjustable footrest from AmazonBasics is the best product in the line of best adjustable footrests.

Elevates to a great height to give a pure form of relaxation to your feet and your legs while sitting on your office chair.

Not just the elevation but the unit’s ability to free-float allows the rapid circulation of the blood with stretching the legs to not feel tired by sitting for long.

So what more to expect from this high AmazonBasics footrest?

Having the surface made of the textured form, placing the feet on the footrest gives a great feel as well as the messaging effect on your soles with and without the socks.

Even with putting slight pressure on the product, it gets placed securely on the carpet and does not slip.

If we mark it (the AmazonBasics footrest) as the best for adjustability, that is not a lie because it is!

Possess the best!

3. StrongTek Foot Rest

Are you looking for the best ergonomic footrest to place under your work desk?

Let’s stop searching then!

The StrongTek brings a kind of footrest that is purely the best in the ergonomics!

The Increased focus level obtained by using this footrest where you feel all rested and fatigue-free.

With having your legs, knees, and feet to elevate gently to keep your natural energy in check and the blood circulation continued at the average pace; no more dizziness and cranking in the muscles.

Designed within the well-balanced rocker with curved feet installed with the anti-slip grips on both of the sides that make it rolling and tilting whereas it does not slip and slide.

The sturdy grip surface on the upper area provides excellent control with your feet, and it can easily maintain your overall and full body weight while standing on the top.

StrongTek has constructed this brilliantly designed footrest with the lauan hardwood plywood for the added durability and the long-lasting strength so that it is at your service for years.

So! You are well-aware with the features of this footrest now, nope?

Undoubtedly these all of the features MAKE it the best ergonomic footrest available out there in the market!

4. Topo by ErogoDriven

So here is the one exclusively for the standing desks.

ErogoDriven brings us this uniquely designed mat that is ready to energize you during the work.

Standing comfortability is the one hard task which this mat is the ultimate solution that is going to fix for you.

Over the mat and standing, you would not want to sit for more.

Its cushioned terrain gives you the feel of like moving back and forth when you press your feet, which is the excellent source of keeping your mind active.

From sitting to standing, this Topo mat from ErogoDriven positioned precisely the way you want.

So, got the standing desk then get this excellent mat that is super best for the standing desks to keep you fresh.

So, a feeling of being fresh is the total productive soul!

5. Foot Rest Cushion by Well Desk

Sometimes we need something different than the conventional footrest, to feel different.

Having used to of the footrest for long can become non-effective due to the overly-usage.

So, here comes the different; the footrest cushion made by the Wall Desk.

Believe me, that one is just like setting the foot over the layer of cotton.

This pillow-cum footrest cushion is even the feel-giving of the cotton, yet it will not wear out by the daily use.

The real comfortable experience this cushion brings with placing the feet with socks. No footwear, please.

Nevertheless, the relief you can avail with this cushion with the improved leg and spine alignment as it elevates the legs and the bottom body for the high circulation.

However, do you want to hear (or know) the secret?

Flip the surface.

Yes, the curved surface to the bottom and bring the open area upside and voila! You now have the ergonomic footrest cushion to keep your feet moving all day long!

The two-in-one feature!

By the way, while placing it on the bare floor or the carpet that cushion will not slip in any of the surface types.

Moreover, it is scratch free, as well. Take no worry of getting your floor scratched at all.

Take note that the cover is detachable for the cleaning so that you have a cleaner and like-a-new footrest cushion all of the time.

You take it and let it be your best footrest cushion in all and every means, and you would not regret it!

6. Portable Footrest

In any case, where the portability is required, why not take the one always with you?

Yes, I am talking about the fully portable footrest.

Not have it placed under your office desk but take it anywhere, and use it at any place.

  • During the flight
  • Sitting at the sofa reading the book
  • Use it on a train journey

Even guess any place and use where it is needed or required.

It can hold up to 100 lbs or the weight of up to 45.35 KGs so a right amount of the pressure on this portable footrest from Econo High can last but do not try standing if you are precisely over in the weight.

Econo High has this portable footrest made of 100 percent high glossy plastic which ensures that designed it with the concept of total lightweight.

Bring your feet together and enjoy the fatigue-free posture for the increased health benefits.

Comes with the design where it gets completed self-locked legs when are fully opened.

Not just it but it can be easily folded, put it in its pouch that comes with the package, and place it in your suitcase where it would not take any space.

What if we do not call it the best for portability? Of course, it is and that too, without a single doubt.

7. Fellowes Climate Control Footrest

This one of the kind electric-running footrest Fellowes introduces in the market is the complete solution of enjoying the air right under the feet.

Yeah! That is the excellent product to have because the leg area is the worst at receiving the more cooling or heated air flow due to being hurdled by the desks as they make it hard to push the air going under the desks.

Anyhow and with this unique idea, you can get up to 3/three air modes;

  1. Cool Air
  2. Low Heated Air
  3. High Heated Air

Whether it is sizzling winter or the scorching summer with the air conditioner or heater kicked in, let this footrest be with the power on and enjoy whatever is the climate that surrounds you.

It made of the polypropylene which makes it a total lightweight footrest with such a feature where the auto-off kicks in itself when the unit is at work since 8 hours to secure it from getting overheated and eventually fried.

All in all, this one of the high footrest is made the best for temperature control and the textured surface to give you a feel of massage when the socks are on.

Not only that, but you can use it with the footwear as well!


Hate it or love it, but the footrest is essential.

Not that I am telling you to bring it to MAKE your office look complete, but that is the requirement.

So, that is the requirement to make yourself a total productive soul at work.

To give your 100 percent (or more) to work.

So that is only possible when you are fresh like in the morning.

Then these 7/seven best under desk footrests are going to make your life easy and healthy at work.

I tell you, you need one.

Get the one (the footrest) that then suits to your taste and the need.