The 6 Best Office Water Dispensers (Price and Reviews)

It’s 2022 and offices have moved on from the concept of cubicles, tables, and chairs. Workspaces have evolved to focus on comfort, luxury, and convenience.

In the growing world of office accessories and utilities, water dispensers have assumed a level of indispensability. The newest range of office water dispensers includes the niftiest features which add a level of luxury that makes the simple act of drinking water a lot more enjoyable.

Here we have made a list of the newest & best-selling office water dispensers available in the market on the basis of their features and price.

1. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

This water dispenser from Avalon features a stainless steel structure with the top half donning a completely black color. According to the countless reviews on this product, this dispenser seems to be a clear winner in terms of looks and features.

Similar to the other higher-end water dispensers on the market, the Avalon Water Dispenser comes with a bottom loading feature that reinforces the aesthetics by keeping the water bottle out of view.

The Avalon dispenser is also noticeably quiet in its functioning which makes it ideal for an office environment. The control panel features three buttons apart from the power button for hot, cold, and normal temperatures. It also includes a night light that makes it easy for anyone to use it even in pitch darkness.

Another interesting feature, although not specific to office use, is its child lock mechanism that prevents any harm that could be caused due to accidentally pressing the hot water button. The dispenser is also big enough to support an entire office with a capacity of three to five gallons. With scores of reviews on it, this office water dispenser sells on Amazon for a price of $196.05.

Notable Features:

  • Premium Look And Sleek Design Making It A Perfect Fit For Any Office.
  • Bottom Loading Mechanism Adding To The Convenience.
  • Child Lock Adding To The Safety.
  • Night Light For Increased Utility.
  • Noiseless.

2. Whirlpool Self Cleaning, Hot and Cold, Stainless Bottom Load Water Cooler

Another important player in the market for office water dispensers is the Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Load Water Dispenser which sells for a price of $279.96.

As seen earlier, Whirlpool has introduced a product with a premium stainless steel look that would go very well with a premium workspace. What makes this product all the more interesting is the smart self-cleaning feature that helps keep the water fresh and get rid of any bacteria.

The LED indicators on the screen tell you when the self-cleaning, hot, or cold feature is functioning. The bottom loading feature prevents any spillage or inconvenience that is experienced while using traditional top loading water dispensers.

The powerful pump that is provided with the dispenser helps in the seamless dispensation of water. The premium build of the dispenser makes it fairly robust with strong water faucets and can bear over 300 lbs of weight on top of the appliance making it a safe bet for any office.

The product also comes with a standard child lock that ensures that any child who comes in contact with the dispenser isn’t hurt by hot water. It is also interesting to note that the seller makes a claim as to the long durability of the dispenser because of the proprietary cooling system technology that makes more effective use of the compressor.

Notable Features:

  • Premium Looks And Robust Build.
  • Special Self-cleaning Feature.
  • Child Lock.
  • Durable.

3. Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Dispenser

The Avalon A5 Bottleless dispenser is a higher-end version of the Avalon range of water dispensers. Apart from the sleek and premium design that we normally see on Avalon water dispensers, this product certainly features rich making it ideal for workplaces. It includes a self-cleaning feature that ensures that the dispenser is sanitized and is dispensing clean water by preventing the accumulation of germs and other bacteria.

However, the feature which sets this product apart from the rest is Avalon’s decision to ditch the water bottle on this product. Instead, you can just connect the dispenser to the water source in your workplace. Added to this package is one 1500 gallon or six-month sediments filter and one 1500 gallon or six-month carbon block filter that handles the filtration and purification.

The product also comes with the standard night light for easy access at night and a child lock mechanism that prevents accidents. The customers who have purchased this dispenser have emphasized the convenience aspect of the product.

The product is tall enough to prevent adults from having to stoop to use product. There is the sufficient area under the taps which lets you place your tea or coffee mugs under the tap without having to hold them. Further, the hot water safety button is located on the top of the product making it more convenient and away from the hands of children. This dispenser is available on Amazon for a price of $299.

Notable Features:

  • Premium Build And Design.
  • Self-cleaning And Extensive Purification System.
  • Bottle-less Mechanism That Prevents Spillage And Inconvenience.
  • Night Light For Night Access.

4. Primo Stainless Steel 3 Spout Top Load Water Cooler Dispenser

This standard water dispenser is perfect for any office that is looking for the maximum utility in an affordable price range. The Primo water dispenser features a full black look that loads water from the top.

Although top-loading models are known to spill water, this dispenser comes with a spill-proof bottle holder and a leak guard that makes it nearly as good as a bottom-loading dispenser.

The product is also energy rated, making it a tad bit more economical than most other models. The Primo water dispenser also comes with a child safety feature that prevents accidents.

The drip tray has a flat platform and a long nozzle that ensures that everything from coffee mugs to jugs can be filled with relative ease. The product sells on Amazon for a price of $159 making it a perfect bang-for-buck product. The dispenser has a capacity of five gallons that matches any high-end water dispenser but with a weight of 35 pounds, it is one of the lightest models on the market.

Notable Features:

  • Easy To Use And Convenient.
  • Spill-proof
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

5. Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser

This affordable water dispenser from Faberware has a couple of features that set it apart from most of the other products out there. Most importantly, this three to five-gallon water dispenser comes with a separate bottom compartment that could be used to store things.

However, the bottom compartment is not refrigerated. The dispenser offers both hot and cold water instantly upon pressing the buttons. Unfortunately, it is only able to dispense up to two glasses of hot or cold water before taking more time to cool or heat the water.

Similar to many other models that are made for workplaces, this model makes little noise making it all the more suitable for a work environment. This model, in particular, is also energy efficient in the way it utilizes thermo-electric cooling and high heat efficiency engineering to save electricity.

This model currently sells on Amazon for a price of $134 making it one of the most affordable feature-rich water dispensers out there.

Notable Features:

  • Affordable
  • Noiseless
  • Extra Compartment For Storage
  • Energy Efficient

6. Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Water Dispenser

A counter-top water dispenser is a perfect addition to an office that works with space constraints. This dispenser includes all the standard features that come in a higher-end water dispenser.

This Avalon countertop dispenser has a hot and cold water function that uses a normal water source for input. It is lightweight and uses high-quality stainless steel tanks to store water.

Despite the small size, this product supports a capacity of 3.6 liters. It is also worth noting that this model comes with a self-cleaning feature that keeps the dispenser sanitized and clean. The LED display ensures that you can use the appliance even in a dark environment.

The dispenser also alerts the user when the filter needs replacement. Most importantly, the Avalon product is bottle-less thereby doing away with the inconvenience and spillage associated with most dispensers that require a water bottle.

Like most other dispensers on this list, it has a child safety feature that lets you turn off the hot water option to prevent any accidents. The product is also extremely quiet while functioning making it an attractive addition to any office space. The Avalon countertop water dispenser sells for a price of $149.99.

Notable Features:

  • Compact And Occupies Very Little Space On The Countertop.
  • Self-cleaning Mechanism.
  • Bottle-less System.
  • Child Safety Feature.
  • Noiseless


After looking at the latest and best-selling water dispensers that are suitable for workplaces, it is abundantly clear that consumers have no problem of choice with multiple brands offering premium products that include several nifty features that make these dispensers a lot more convenient and easy to use.

These features range from being completely bottle-less to self-cleaning technology that keeps the water fresh and germ-free. Go ahead and make the choice based on your office.