25+ Best Office Supplies For Your Workplace (Under $50)

Most people spend around one third of the day at the workplace. If you’re working from your home, chances that you’re spending more time there.

To get the most out of your time, you should have the right office supplies on your workplace. Having the right things on place will make your more productive.

The fun part is, you will get each of the necessary office supplies under $50.

But most of the time people fail to identify the real necessities or just end up buying unnecessary things. To help you to get the right things, we have made a list of 25+ best office supplies for your workplace under $50.

Productivity Planner

A Productivity Planner is like a diary which is designed to make you more productive and organized. It helps you to accomplish your most important tasks and appointments on time.

It’s also known as Daily Planner that assists you in keeping track of your time. To prevent time wasting and taking must needed breaks in between different tasks, it has time blocks.

But if you’re like me who prefer app for managing tasks, I’d recommend you to try Todoist app.

Desk Lamp

A lousy lighting environment can damage your eyes as well as affect your productivity. To light it right, all you need is an eye caring desk lamp with USB plug.

This little thing provides you with light which is utterly comfortable to your eyeballs and easy to work in. It also has an adjustable head which aids you more flexibility in adjusting its posture angles. It also comes with mobile charge facility.

WD 1TB External Hard Drive

External hard drive works as backup storage. You can lose your data from your primary storage at any moment. It can be occurred due to a virus, damaged device or many other technical reasons. In that case, if you are an external hard drive user, you can somehow get back your data.

WD 1TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive is the perfect choice for your home office. It’s affordable, and you can store all of your important files there.

Screen Cleaner Kit

You will also need a screen cleaner in your home office. To keep your monitor’s screen clean, you can buy Screen Cleaner Kit for less than $20.

It’s the appropriate product for your screen. You will be amazed to see the 5-star ratings of this product. For the longevity of your screen, it’s indispensable that you keep it clean.

Dust-off Keyboard Cleaner

You ought to keep your keyboard clean to get long-term and competent performance from it. Dust that gets in from our surroundings can harm the keys if they are not cleaned time to time.

Plus, our body wax, oils and dirt particles in the room develops a sticky layer on the keys. This wrecks the impression of your desk.

You can use Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster. It basically removes dust from hard to reach areas. That is the trickiest part of keyboard cleaning ever! And, you are well aware of this itch.

A dirty keyboard does work properly, and keystrokes are still accurate. But you don’t want to let your friends or visitors have their eyes stuck on them.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are used to illustrate your ideas. You can write anything in post-it notes. A word or a sentence – whatever relates to your thoughts! It can be a list of the tasks you plan to actualize.

They can also be used to mark a particular section of a book or an article. These are pieces of colorful papers with glue attached to its back top. You surely have heard about sticky notes, eh?

These may also work as a reminder tool for you. Now you might say, we have plenty of mobile and desktop applications to keep track of our daily chores.

Yeah, it’s true. But the reality is these pen and paper trick works more practical in action. Ask yourself!

Paper Shredder

Do you want to get rid of some confidential paper documents?

Well, a paper shredder can be an essential tool to help! If you don’t want to leave the minimal trace of your documents or business papers, you can simply do that with a paper shredder.

It is a superfast and efficient way to destroy documents. It also reduces the size of waste. So your paper bin will hold way more stationery waste than before.

A smart looking and handy device that enhances the beauty of your desk – this is how I’d like to explain a shredder to you.

Trash Can

Just as we talked down, in order to keep your office neat and organized, you will need a trash can. With a trash can around, you can throw away unnecessary stuff in an instant.

It will make sure that only the necessary materials surround you. The only things that you need.

Talking about the types, built materials and designs, everyone has his own choice. For me, it’s a mesh metal trash basket. Nevertheless, you will find plenty of them sorted by plastic, mesh metal, open and step-on styles.

As for the price, twenty bucks will seem more than enough.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS helps you to save your work even if the electricity goes out. Imagine, working on an important task, and all on a sudden, a blackout hits your block.

Your hours of drudgery and graft ends in vain. Sure as heck, you feel like tearing your hairs apart. To get your ass saved, UPS gives you a few minutes to save your work.

Different brands and models offer a range of power backup for your computers. More the battery muscle, more the price you are going to pay.

Desk Organizer

You should get a desk organizer to save more of your time and increase your productivity. Desk organizer helps you to find what you are looking. It makes a good impression on your client (if by chance, he gets to notice a desk organizer in your work setup).

This home office essential provides you with a neat environment and accelerates your productivity. If you know the perks of deep work, also perceive that an organizer helps you in it.

Wall Organizer

To eliminate clutter from your surroundings, you’ll require a wall organizer. There are times when we all find ourselves running out of space in our office.

In that case, putting up a wall organizer is the easiest of solutions. As you know, wall organizers come in different shapes or forms. Markets are full of those, or you can also custom make them to your likings if you want.

They can also be used to keep all sorts of stuff like your keys, glasses, pen, magazines, etc. as you know very well.

Cable Clips

In any kind of office today you are bound to find yourself surrounded by cables that’s pretty obvious. Surely you’ve been to those places or offices where it is all tangled with cables, and I can tell, you didn’t like it. Well, nobody does.

Cable clips help you to keep your cables in place and organized. They assist you in keeping your cables fixed to a spot like ceiling or wall. This way, you can surely figure out which cable is connected to which device in case you need to work on it separately or whatever.

Your office becomes spacious, and it feels good to move around without being troubled by all these cables laying around.

Bulletin Board

Now and then, we all come across different thoughts and ideas. But because we don’t keep a record of them all, we end up losing most of them. I am not saying every idea is a good one and requires attention. But some of them definitely do.

And that’s where a Bulletin board comes in the story. It helps you visualize your thoughts. You can write a word or a sentence of your ideas and put it up there. This helps you to reflect upon it.

Or you can put up all the important information or facts of a particular idea up there which can prove vital in your decision making just like they do it in a police station.

Surge Protector

You must be very well aware of the increased voltage supply. As well as the harms it can cause to our devices. And you definitely don’t want anything like that happening to any of your electronic devices from your office. In short, you need protection. And that obvious safeguard is the surge protector.

When connected to your electronic instrument, it saves your electric devices from power surges by controlling the supply of electricity.

Computers or laptops are highly vulnerable to power surges which are an integral part of any office, and it’s work nowadays.

Power surges can seriously harm your computer even damage it for good. Thus, wiping out all your work and important data. So you better get one of those.

Cable Management Box

An office with Cables laying everywhere and hanging out from different sockets all around the room is undoubtedly not a pretty sight to imagine, is it?

And, no doubt, you would also like to avoid that in your office.

And for that purpose, you must get yourself a cable management box. It will give your office a neat and well-organized look. With new designs and models that are now available in the market, they give your office a brilliant look.

It is also essential for safety reasons. They also come with lids which is always safer especially if you have kids or pets around.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

Working on the laptop from a wrong position can cost you a great deal of harm in the long run. Regular practice of it can easily damage your eyesight and develop neck pain. And as you know, those are pretty hard to get rid of.

But with an adjustable laptop stand of just around $50, you can save yourself a lifetime of trouble. They have many other advantages as well.

Like; a Laptop stand that keeps your laptop higher from the desk or any other surface keeps your laptop cooler. Some of these stands even have built-in fanning system for the same purpose. Also, they do not weigh much so you can easily move or carry them from one place to another.

Ergonomic Office Chair

You don’t want to spend long hours working in a chair that’s basically a pain in your bum. Working in an uncomfortable chair can also cause you severe back pain.

If you’re using a normal chair for your work, it’s time to change it for good. No, you need to spend a lot. For less than $50, you can get an ergonomic office chair.

It will increase your productivity. As you will easily be able to work for longer hours and more efficiently in a chair that does not hurt you worse the longer you sit in it.

Expanding File Folder

You don’t want your office to be all surrounded by piles of papers. Or your desk is a high chance of you ending up losing some very important documents for your work sooner or later.

Or at the least losing a lot of your precious time in searching through all the mess and finding the document you need. An expanding file folder is just the thing you need to save yourself all these troubles.

It will help you in keeping your documents in neat, organized and orderly manner. You will be able to easily find the documents you are looking for if you keep them in numeric or alphabetical order in your file folder. It also gives your office a very tidy look.

Fireproof Box

We all know that accidents do occur now and then. It can happen to anyone anywhere. And you are no exception. So keeping all these in mind there is some degree of precautions we all must take.

It’s like that common saying; better prepared than sorry. When it comes to accidents, an accident regarding the fire is very usual. So you should take all the necessary precautions for it if it ever comes to that. And for this purpose, you must get yourself a fireproof box.

Large enough to keep your most important documents. Papers you can not do without. You can also keep your backup storages like memory sticks or hard drives. So that if ever the most unpleasant happens, you don’t lose everything and don’t have to start from the scratch.


Nowadays we all have multiple different devices that we use simultaneously. We are on our computers, iPad, cell phones, etc. all at the same time. Each one is actively doing its work.

And most of the time we require all of these devices to be connected to the internet. And this is exactly what a router helps you to achieve. It assists you to stay connected to the internet with multiple devices simultaneously.

So naturally, if you have multiple devices up and running, doing multiple tasks, it increases your efficiency and productivity.


Even if your home office is generally paperless, you never know when you will want to print something urgently. From time to time, you may face conditions like this. So to keep things moving and making your home office more efficient, you will need a printer.

​​​​​​​​In the market today, many types of printers are available. You should look for the one depending on the work you do and your requirements. Some printers have multiple functions as well as copying, scanning, document preparation, etc.


Who doesn’t like an environment with fresh air and some life around them? Herein, plants can provide such environment to your office. They keep the air clean by absorbing a gas we don’t need naming carbon dioxide.

Plants significantly help in stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Thus keeping you sound and healthy, and naturally improving your productivity. They also help in reducing noise levels.

You don’t want the noise of your children playing or your wife watching TV to distract you. For that large plant pots placed in the corners and edges of your office can be really helpful. Besides they give your home office a very pleasant and refreshing look.


We all know the necessity of a shelf in an office. Especially if you have a lot of papers to work with, there is just no way around it. Or if you are a bookworm or your work requires lots of studies or research, you have got to have a shelf.

You don’t want books and papers all laying around your office room with no order. Or your desk to be all covered with stuff that you don’t necessarily need at the very moment.

A condition like this is very difficult to work in or move around. And most importantly, it gets really tough to find your stuff on time in an environment like this. So to keep your office in order and save yourself a lot of time and anxiety, a shelf is a must!

Coffee Maker

Offering your clients a mug of coffee always makes a good impression, right? And if you are a coffee guy, then you already know how much a mug of coffee can help you in fighting off sluggishness.

Coffee also keeps you mentally active thus helping you become more efficient and productive. And having a coffee maker in your office saves you a lot of time and money.

So you must seriously consider having one for your home office. But when buying a coffee machine, make sure it is easy to use and clean. You wouldn’t want extra workload for it.

Tea Pot

Alongside a coffee maker, you can also have a teapot around. If you are into tea, then you surely feel some of its benefits even if you don’t know about all of them. Like coffee, tea also has many benefits.

Or to be more accurate, tea actually is a much more beneficial drink than coffee. It has less caffeine than coffee which we all know is not entirely healthy.

Tea helps you with stress, headache, tension, etc. increasing your work rate and productivity.

Also offering tea or coffee to your guests or clients portrays a good gesture.

Wall Clock

I seriously can’t imagine an office without a wall clock. It is an inseparable part of an office. Yes, we use many devices to show us time nowadays. So one may argue that it is something which is not that necessary anymore. But a wall clock gives your office much more than just the obvious reason of showing time.

A nice, smart wall clock gives your office a classy look. It makes a good impression to your clients when they see that you are well organized and doing everything according to your schedule. That builds their trust on you as a responsible soul.

Wrapping up

These are the most unique and cool home office supplies you must have. Surely according to the type of work, you may need other supplies as well. But these are just basic stuff for an office of any kind.

A good setup home office helps and motivates you to deliver your best. When a home office is efficient and comfortable at the same time, it marks a better workplace for you