The 6 Best Laptop Stands For Desk

I remember back in my childhood days being hooked up to the PC day in and day out.

Sitting at the same spot for hours and ending up cramping my legs and my entire body. But nobody complained. PC‌s were the thing to play games and do all your stuff.

Then came laptops. Not only did the laptop made it easy to use anywhere, but you can also use it on your bed. How audacious is that idea?

It felt like a blessing-in-disguise.

Although laptops rising in popularity has been monumental over the last two decades, it gave birth to a new problem. Since wires do not limit you, you don’t have a fixed posture. And since you don’t have any fixed posture, you can unconsciously put your body in a posture that puts a strain on you.

To fix this, there is a general rule that laptops should usually be at 2-inches above eye level. Also, the keyboard should be below your elbows.

But the problem is it is very hard to execute this setup. Laptop manufacturers don’t care about the setup as much as they care about the specifications of the laptop.

To tackle this, you can make use of a laptop stand. Laptops come in handy to give an elevated position to put your laptop and make sure that your body doesn’t go through any strains. It reduces strain on your wrist.

Why Should You Get Yourself A Laptop Stand?

Getting the right posture is not the only reason why you should get a laptop stand. There are some other reasons as well –

You must get the best output from your input. While output cannot be controlled, you can control the factors influencing the input.

If you don’t use a laptop stand you are free to move around. And when you are free to move around, you won’t commit yourself to a fixed position.

Due to this, you will end up straining and cramping yourself, which in turn will make you uncomfortable working for a longer period.

With a laptop stand, it makes sure no physical discomfort comes in between and affects your work in any way.

Laptops usually come with built-in fans to regulate the generated internal heat. If you place your laptop on a plane surface, it won’t be able to get out easily and will heat your laptop, which further invites damage to physical parts.

With a laptop stand, you can put your laptop in an elevated stand giving a proper outlet for the air to flow out.

Laptop stands usually take care of the laptop’s heating issues by providing vents in the stand.

Some of the expensive laptop stands also include cooling fans which further help to cool down the laptop.

Usually, the laptops are small in size and easily fit into any bag.

The best part about this you can make your makeshift workplace; let’s say a park with the help of the laptop table. You wouldn’t have to worry about where to keep the laptop as you will have a solid platform to work.

Plus, another good thing about the laptop table is that it can be used for multiple purposes. You can use the same table to keep your notes, files, and other documents on it as well.

This might sound secondary to many but improving how your workplace looks can influence how you do your work.

Having a good laptop table can subconsciously prime you to work productively and not getting slack in between. Plus, it also makes your office or house looks neat by helping you use the table to keep things temporarily.

Now let’s see some of the best laptop stands.

1. TaoTronics Foldable Laptop Table Stand

This foldable laptop is on the cheaper side of things but gives you your money’s worth and more.

It measures about 24” x 13”, which is enough surface space to keep your laptop on. It is bigger than what is required by your laptop, and you can utilize the same for keeping your gadgets, notes, and papers on it.

To make it ergonomically appealing, it has a tilting design that allows you to tilt your table at degrees of 15, 25, and 35 degrees. Hence, allowing you to suit it to your comfortability.

It is lightweight and easily transportable thanks to its easily foldable feature which turns in flat. It also has an adjustable height of 9 inches to 12.5 inches, which might not be much, but gets a major part of your job done.


  • The surface area to work is very large.
  • You can tilt the table according to your needs.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Some people might not prefer that large table.

2. Executive Laptop Stand

Executive taps in on TaoTronics’ deficiencies with its offering. It is targeted toward a different customer base.

Unlike the earlier laptop stand, this one gives you an adjustable height of about 18 inches which makes it easier for taller people to use. Due to this, it provides you with a relatively smaller surface area.

But it takes care of that with its offering of an attached mouse tray which can be accessed from the right side of the table.

Also, like the earlier stand, it gives you three different levels of adjustment. The only thing different being is its auto-locking feature which makes it easier to work with the stand. Due to its length, you can use it in multiple ways including a laptop stand, a standing desk, or a laptop tray.


  • It gives you a good height to work with. (Best for Tall People)
  • Additional Mouse tray is available.
  • Anti-locking feature which makes it easy to change to different levels.


  • It needs a hard surface to work. A softer surface might make it wobble.
  • Not meant for big laptops of 17” size.

3. HOMFA Laptop Standing Desk

The main selling point of this desk is its feature of adjustability. Unlike the other two, this one offers you around five levels of adjustment to choose from!

Along with the table tilting part, it also offers you the ability to change the angle at which you type, making the entire typing process convenient for you.

It doesn’t provide you with a greater height range adjustment feature, but it gives you stand legs that are quiet enough to use in different environments. Be it using it on the couch, on the bed, or using it as a monitor stand, this has got you covered.

This one also has a great bamboo design to it which looks aesthetically amazing, which the earlier tables lacked. Also, to facilitate easy movement of air, it has holes cut into the table and makes sure your laptop doesn’t overheat.


  • Amazing bamboo finish.
  • The table has cut holes that facilitate easy movement of air.
  • Various modes to adjust your laptop.


  • Harder to move from the locked position.
  • Screws get loosen over time.

4. Spark by Ergodriven

It is perhaps one of the cheapest and easiest to work with a laptop table. It has an IKEA-like packing, comes packed in a folder flat, all you need to do is assemble it according to the manual, and you are good to go.

It is made up of cardboard, and hence, the reason behind its cheap pricing. It doesn’t provide you with three different modes on the same table; instead, they offer you three different sizes themselves. So according to your laptop size and your needs, you can buy the one for you.

Since it is made up of cardboard, it doesn’t offer you much room to change and adjust. But it is a very straightforward solution to your table stand problems. But it does provide you with a different keyboard tray so you can make use of that if you are using an external keyboard.


  • Cheap and easy to set it up.
  • A separate keyboard tray is included.
  • Three different sizes are offered.


  • Since it is made of cardboard, it is less sturdy.
  • Also, because of its material, it gets wobbly at times.

5. Rain Design MStand Laptop Stand

This laptop stand was made specifically for Macbook users.

It looks like something Apple would have designed if they were into this business!

It looks aesthetically pleasing and at the same time gives you a stable surface to work on, thanks to its aluminum base. Due to the aluminum base, it also works as a heat sink keeping your laptop cool.

Moreover, it also offers you a neat cable management system that helps you keep your workplace neat and clean.


  • Amazing design and build.
  • Tilt support to the laptop.
  • Neat cable management system.


  • Expensive compared to other laptop stands.

6. Tabletote Plus Portable Compact Laptop Table

Tabletote’s laptop table was made for business professionals. As such, it is sturdy in build but yet lightweight enough to carry it around.

It has a good height adjustment which ranges from 12” to 29” which gives you enough length to use it as a standing laptop table. It is easy to set up with no dealing with nuts and bolts, making your life easier.

It has a bottom which you can slide to give you extra room space! You can use this space to keep your mouse and other accessories.

One of the best things about this stand is its three free accessories: a smartphone/PDA holder and a cup holder. This can often come in handy if you want to keep all your devices in one place while you work.


  • Great surface area, enough to hold a 17” laptop as well.
  • Sturdy and solid build.
  • Extra accessories are included to hold your phone, PDA, and cup.


  • Parts might get stuck at times.


So here we come to an end. It is important to get yourself a laptop stand as it primarily reduces fatigue and improves your productivity.

There are different laptop stands on the market, some targeted towards Macbook users some targeting for multi-purpose users, etc. It is important to make a list of your priorities before you go shopping for a laptop table.

Do you have any other suggestions which we missed on our list? Do let us know in the comments.