7 Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

The history of mouse pads is quite interesting. Although they were available in the market by 1970s, it stayed relatively less commercial.

Earlier mice had a scrolling ball underneath the carcass (some of you might remember that!) and it was mainly used to stop debris from getting into the interiors of the mouse. But for some reason, it still didn’t have a good number of takers.

By the 2000s, people understood the importance of protecting the ball-operated mice, but still, sales stagnated or dropped.

When optical-operated mice came into the market, it took everyone by storm. It replaced the ball-operated mice instantly due to its sensitivity and better handling. With it also came the development of mousepads.

Companies (especially those commercializing desktop computers) dedicated a major chunk of their time and investments into selling effective and easy-to-use mousepads. Companies started realizing the importance of having a great mousepad which adds to the entire experience of using a mouse smoothly.

By the end of the first decade of the millennial, companies in the quest to offer the best comfort to users started building mouse pads with wrist support. By this time, usage of the computer has increased many folds, and a good number of people spend their time on the computer.

Continuous usage of the mouse can lead to nerve strain. This strain can lead to serious ailments like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Conversely, carpal tunnel victims had difficulty using the mouse for longer periods. To take care of this issue, they started making mouse-pads with gel-type substance injected in it, which is popularly known as wrist support mouse pads.

It is better to not strain your hands and wrist and to stay ahead of the problem by getting yourself an ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support.

Factors To Look Before Buying A Mouse Pad


There are four different materials that are usually used, when it comes to the mouse pads: cloth, plastic, glass, and aluminum. Each has its pros and cons and is targeted toward a different customer base.

Cloth is the cheapest but might not last long. Plastic is relatively smooth, but it is harder to carry around. Glass and Aluminium are the most efficient, but they are expensive.

Overall Size

There are four different materials that are usually used, when it comes to the mouse pads: cloth, plastic, glass, and aluminum. Each has its pros and cons and is targeted toward a different customer base.

Cloth is the cheapest but might not last long. Plastic is relatively smooth, but it is harder to carry around. Glass and Aluminium are the most efficient, but they are expensive.


You wouldn’t want your mousepad to get damaged after regular days usage. It is better to get one which doesn’t pick up wear-and-tear easily.

Since you would be moving your mouse around frequently, there is a chance that it may torn open; hence, you should have a mouse-pad which offers you some degree of protection against that.

Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

1. 3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest

This mouse-pad from 3M‌ covers all the essential requirements: it is durable in nature, gives you enough space to move around without worrying about tearing it open, and made from resistant material. It gives you precise movements as well saving your energy through unwanted extra mouse movements.

It also offers you a leatherette cover which can be used to clean the mouse pad easily. For the wrist support, it comes with gel-technology embedded in wrist pad. You can easily rest your wrist in a relaxed position without putting any extra strain on it.


  • Cheap, costs about $15.
  • Provides you with anti-microbial protection.
  • Comes in 3 different sizes.
  • Better mouse control and precision compared to some of the other mouse pads.


  • The surface tends to get dirty easily.
  • Some users complained about the pad getting warped in shape as time passes.

2. Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

This mouse pad is a great offering from Kensington meant for office use. It is offered in different colors:‌ black and red, or black and blue color scheme. Talking about the design part, it has a sleek design and blends in easily with the office aesthetic you have.

It gives a better wrist support thanks to its dual gel technology. It keeps your wrist intact and in rested position while you are working, even for a longer period.

One of the other best features about this mouse pad is that it provides you with inbuilt ventilation channel which lets the air flow through the hands and keeps your hands cool down.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • Ventilation system that keeps your hands and wrist cool.
  • It has a rubber base which keeps the mouse pad intact in one place.


  • Relatively smaller space for mouse movement.
  • Gel pillow might not last long; it is fragile.

3. Amazon Basics Get Computer Mouse Pad

What makes Jelly Comb stand out from the rest is that its mouse pad supports both your gaming and office needs. The basic need of working for longer hours and not getting strained is satisfied by this mouse pad.

It has a nice leather wrist rest area which has a nice finishing to it. It feels good to rest your wrist on it. Thanks to the leather material, it also lasts long as well. Moreover, with the rubber base, it doesn’t slip much.

It also gives you ample enough room space to move your mouse around —especially needed for gaming purposes.


  • Great and sleek design.
  • Made up of better quality of rubber so that it doesn’t slip.
  • Larger space area to move your mouse.
  • Thanks to leather material it is comfortable.


  • Stiff in build, making it harder to carry around.
  • People complained about its easy to wear-and-tear nature.

4. VIPAMZ Ergonomic Mousepad with Wrist Support

With this mousepad, you get the best out of your money. In fact you get more features. They have different variations to choose from, including extra-large mouse pad to suit your needs better. It has been designed so that it takes care of your wrist for prolonged usage and a longer period as well. It has a very comfortable finish to rest your hands.

One of the plus points is that it is designed specifically for optical mice so that users don’t encounter mouse skipping and offer you a smooth experience.


  • Designed specifically for optical mouses.
  • Compact and sleek design.
  • Smooth finish and comfortable to use.


  • Users complained about a weird smell with the mousepad.

5. Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

Coming from one of the reputed brands on the market right now, their mouse pad offering makes sure that it manages to keep up with its brand image as such.

It has a very sleek and easy-to-use design. Plus with the gel mouse pad, it takes care of any of your strain worries easily.

To make it more durable, the mouse pad is made of polyurethane material. Plus it is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.


  • Ergonomic:‌ gives you pretty much everything for its price tag.
  • Lightweight in nature.
  • Long-lasting thanks to its material build.


  • Gives you relatively small room to move your mouse around.
  • No color options to choose from.

6. Redragon P020 Gaming Mouse Pad

Although it is targeted specifically for gamers, thanks to its amazing array of features, you can use it effectively for other purposes as well.

It has a much-needed waterproof layering along with silicon anti-skid base. These two, coupled with its ability to track the mouse movements perfectly makes it the perfect product to buy for gamers.

What makes it stand out is its usage of memory foam. Thanks to memory foam, it custom fits your wrist take your body heat as its cue. After you remove your wrist, it goes back to its original shape.


  • Unlike many others, thanks to its waterproofing ability, you can easily wash it.
  • Provides a wider area to rest your wrist.
  • Unlike others, it doesn’t give off a chemical scent.


  • It is only available in one design.

7. SOQOOL 2 Pack Mouse Pad

If you are looking for a budget alternative which doesn’t compromise on quality, you should definitely check out this. It is durable and alongside has a great design to go with it.

The MSP about this mouse pad is its lycra finish on the mouse pad, which gives it a smooth finish and feels amazing to use around. Plus, due to the lycra finish, it tracks the mouse movements perfectly as well.

Another selling point is its great customer servicing. So, in case if you have any issues with your mouse pad, you can easily get it cleared.


  • It costs less than $10.
  • Amazing customer support.
  • Lycra cover which registers quick mouse movements.


  • The area to rest your wrist is a bit small.

We have finally reached the end of the 7 best mouse pads with wrist support offerings out there in the market now. It is important that before you buy any mousepad you have your priority set, depending upon your budget, durability and the performance you are expecting: whether you want it for gaming or office use.

Do you have your own personal favourite that is not on the list? Do let us know in the comments!