Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Stands (2022)

The dual monitor stand is slowly becoming a part of the standard PC setup now, regardless of whether the PC is used for work or entertainment.

On top of convenience and other benefits, having a dual monitor setup actually has excellent health benefits. The ability to adjust the monitors as you please eliminates the need to strain your neck and back, which protects you from medical problems. In this way, a dual monitor setup promotes proper posture.

Furthermore, a dual monitor setup looks great, and using a stand gives you a lot more space on your desk—making for a clean, uncluttered workspace.

There are tons of dual monitor stands on the market, which makes choosing the right stand super tricky.

To help you find the right double monitor stand, this list highlights the best dual monitor stands in the market.

1. VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

This dual computer monitor stand by VIVO supports two screens sized between 13″ and 27″. The stand boasts a sturdy build and can hold up to 22 lbs with ease.

The stand mounts to the back of your desk, and the large clamp size makes for maximum compatibility.

With this stand, you can rotate your monitors to 360º—which gives you full freedom to set your screens as you like. The height of the monitors can also be adjusted.

You can set up the monitors in either portrait or landscape style, making it one of the best monitor stands out there.


  • Detachable mount plates.
  • Fully adjustable.


  • The portrait arrangement needs two monitors.

2. HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

The HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand comes with both a grommet kit and a weighted base, giving you the freedom to pick how you want to mount your monitors.

This stand can fit two LCD computer monitors sized between 13″ and 32″.

It supports VESA patterns, and each arm can hold up to 17.6 lbs, meaning you can mount bulky monitors easily.

The riser is fully adjustable, and you can set the height as per your needs. The arm can swivel from -90º to +90º, and the monitor plate freely rotates from -180º to +180º and tilts from -90º to +90º.

Overall, it is a solid stand available for a great price.


  • Clips are available for cable management.
  • Easy to install.
  • Supports two VESA mounts


  • The C-clamp could be more accommodating.

3. AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand

The AmazonBasics side-by-side dual monitor stand can be adjusted to suit your style and needs effortlessly.

It boasts retractable and extendable arms that tilt and rotate to portrait or landscape modes as you please. It can be freely adjusted, making for an ergonomic setup.

It offers flexibility, making for easy viewing regardless of where you are in the room. Also, since it’s VESA-compatible, the monitors are easy to install.

The build is sturdy, and each arm can hold 20-lb monitors with ease. The tilt range is from -70º to +5º.

It comes with a one-year warranty, which is an added plus.


  • One-year warranty.
  • VESA-Compatible.
  • Effortless adjustment.


  • Expensive.

4. Planar Dual Monitor Stand

The Planar Dual Monitor Stand is perfect for those who need a basic monitor stand.

It’s sturdy, and each arm can hold 26 lbs of weight. The stand supports two displays, each sized between 17″ and 24″.

The tilt and swivel capacity of this stand is relatively minimal. It tilts about 15º up or down and swivels 20º from side to side.

The stand, however, can rotate approximately 90º, giving you the flexibility of setting up your monitors in either landscape or portrait mode.

The height can be adjusted to a maximum of 13 in, and the stand is VESA-compatible.

Overall, it’s one of the best dual monitor stands for those with simple needs.


  • Straightforward design.
  • Supports heavy monitors.
  • Comes in two models: regular and large.


  • Slightly highly-priced.

5. Loctek D5D

If you’re looking for a tidy yet stylish monitor stand, the Loctek D5D is for you.

The Loctek D5D boasts an ergonomic design that allows you to work comfortably—without straining your eyes, neck, or back.

Furthermore, it features an exclusive hovering (gas spring) system, which helps adjust the stand’s height.

Build quality is solid, owing to the aircraft-grade aluminum used, and the surface is finished with antiscratch material.

The stand comes with an exclusive cable management structure that helps you organize your wires, giving you a tidy desk.

The permanent grommet installation or support clamp installation helps accommodate considerably bulky monitors.

The screens can rotate 360°, and the monitors are super easy to adjust, making for a strain-free experience.


  • Fantastic price.
  • Amazing features.
  • Durable build.


  • Arms support a maximum weight of 11 lbs.

6. MI-725

The MI-725 is a well-designed mount stand compatible with virtually every monitor brand.

It comes with two arms that allow effortless height adjustment. Each arm articulates in three distinct points, which enables proper positioning.

The rotating monitor holders allow you to change the viewing angle of your monitors as you like it.

This monitor stand also comes with a heavy-duty design that can accommodate 22 lbs on each arm.

The C-clamp provision guarantees stable mounting, and the double lock system ensures that the stand is secured in place.

You will find everything you need to install the monitors right in the box. These tools make setting up your monitors easy and quick.

The stand comes with a five-year warranty, which is super reassuring.


  • Five-year warranty.
  • VESA support.
  • Supports 27″ monitors.


  • Monitor height cannot be adjusted individually.

7. IMtKotW Dual Arm Monitor Stand

The IMtKotW stand features an easy-to-adjust design that keeps you comfortable and productive throughout the day.

Installation is super straightforward, and the stand features a mechanical spring system that allows easy monitor adjustment and rotation.

The tilt range offered is -/+90º. The stand is VESA-compatible, and you can mount the monitors yourself without requiring professional help.

The C-clamp base and the integrated double lock ensure that the stand remains stable.

You will find all the tools you need for installation inside the box, and the stand itself is easy to install.

Although it is slightly expensive, this sturdy stand is worth the money.


  • Simple installation.
  • Supports both clamping and grommet options.
  • Sturdy base.


  • Slightly pricey.

8. NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Stand

If you have large monitors, the NB Dual Monitor Stand is perfect for you. It supports two screens sized between 22″ and 32″. It also boasts 19.8-lb maximum load capacity per arm.

The stand also features VESA-compliant patterns and comes with two USB hubs built into the base. The hub provides a super convenient way of charging your USB devices without having to plug in a charger separately.

The stand can be adjusted to be 13.6″ high, and each monitor can rotate to 360º.

It supports tilt angles from +8º to -53º, and you can easily adjust the arms as you please.

You can install either one of the clamp and grommet bases in the box, and the integrated cable management gives you a clutter-free desk.


  • VESA-compliant.
  • 360º rotation for convenient viewing.
  • Fast-charging USB ports.


  • Installation can be tricky.

9. WALI Dual Monitor Stand

The WALI Dual Monitor Stand is one of the most affordable stands on this list, and it does not make any compromises.

Both arms are gas-spring powered, and you can rotate the monitors to 360° and tilt them by up to 180°.

The stand offers all the flexibility you could ask for, and the quick-release VESA mount makes for easy installation and swift screen swapping.

There is one drawback: the arms of the stand can only support 15 lbs each. Overall, though, the stand is worth the price and supplies excellent value for your money.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Very flexible arms.
  • Well priced.


  • Arms can support up to 15 lbs only.

10. ONKRON Dual Monitor Mount

The stand’s two arms can be adjusted independently from each other, and the arms are sturdy and flexible at the same time, making them easy to adjust.

The arms can rotate 360º and can tilt from +90º to -45º. It also gives you full swivel flexibility from +90º to -90º.

You can either use the C-clamp or the grommet to affix it to your desk, and all the required guides and hardware come right in the box.

The cable-management system gives your desk a neat look, and the great price is just the icing on the cake.


  • Fantastic price.
  • VESE-complaint.


  • Some users find it difficult to install.

There is no one perfect dual monitor stand for everybody, but there is one perfect for you. Your decision on which one to get depends mainly on the size of your monitors and how much you want to spend.

If you’re looking for something affordable, the VIVO and HUANUO stands are worth a look. If you have 32″ monitors, go for the larger stand from Planar.

Finding the perfect dual monitor stand for desk is made easy with this guide. This list highlights the best products on Amazon. All you need to do is tally your requirements with the specifications of the products.

This way, you will be able to find the right product in minutes.