The 10 Best Drink Coasters To Protect Your Office Desk

If you were trying to find the best coaster in the 1800s, you’d be looking at a man or a ship. Yes! That’s how people used this word back then. Even now, if you are careless, you’d be far away from buying the best drink coasters that you were supposed to have.

Anything that sails or ports around a coast is a coaster! And what’s a coast you say? Anything that is beside a chunk of water is a coast.

Your glass contains a chunk of water. Voila! You got a coast and now need a coaster. Specifically, a drink coaster, because you don’t want to have those stubborn spots that a glass leaves on your beautiful table with a glossy finish. It’d be a sad prospect if you had to lose the beauty of it by wiping every time you see a spot.

There are many drink coasters out there, but knowing which one is for you and the best for that purpose is indeed tiring.

Say no more! In this article, we’ve taken the ten best drink coasters available in the market and reviewed them to ease your work.

Now let’s dive into the details of these drink coasters.

1. Thirstystone Cinnabar Coaster

The first of the 10 is Thirstystone’s Cinnabar coaster. Its varying patterns and colors attract the eye while being elegant. 

This stone coaster with a design of wood will be a perfect fit for your home office if most of your furniture is wood. The smooth finish on this coaster makes it very soothing to touch. It is made out of sandstone so you can guess that it can absorb fluid or water in your case.

The material is all-natural, so it is eco-friendly for all the eco-freaks out there, yeah you! And you can stop worrying about dripping when you have this near you as this has 4-inch drip protection. 

It can also be an excellent choice as a gift as it comes in 4 in a pack with beautiful designs and colors.

2. Bamboo Wood Round Coasters

The second on the list is the Bamboo wood round coasters from Juvale Store. The previous one on the list had patterns of wood, but this one is actual wood! Its material is 100% bamboo wood. So it gives it a natural wood pattern. Again, if you got a wooden office desk, this will match perfectly. 

Too many options to choose from, eh? Well, what can you do! This one comes in a beautiful matching caddy, so something different and useful, eh mate? 

As the material is natural bamboo wood, it’s again a great attraction for you if you are looking for eco-friendly products. And it is renewable so poisoning the environment isn’t a problem. 

It comes in a pack of 6! A caddy makes for the perfect gift. 

Did we miss something? Yep! Drip protection, this one has 4 and a half-inch drop protection.

3. ENKORE Coasters

Enough with the patterned wood coasters, is that what you are thinking? I think we have a connection. The 3rd on the list is a silicone coaster from Enkore. 

Wait! I know what you’re thinking, but this one isn’t like other silicone products. It doesn’t stick to your glass or appliances. The rubber dots placed with ingenuity nicely grip onto the glass but are just sticky enough to let go when you pick up your drink.

With 4.3-inch drip protection, it outclasses the previous two in this area. Add a deep groove along with that, and you’ve got yourself a contender for the top spot. 

In the age of eco-friendly products, this one also isn’t out of this fold. It is leakproof protecting your table and tableware from condensed water. 

You can buy this in a set of 5 with a beautiful holder and perhaps give this cute package as a gift!

4. Silicone Drink Coasters with Absorbent Soft Felt

Another coaster worthy of praise is Silicone drink coasters by MECOWON. It is of silicone but contains a unique addition compared to other silicone coasters. They have added a soft absorbent felt on the coaster top which is very smart. 

Ever had those times when you took your glass and all the condensed water falls onto your clothes or your glossy finished office desk? Yes, those annoying moments! These won’t happen because these felts will absorb those fluids and won’t give you trouble by sticking to your glass. 

Unlike stone and wood coasters, kids won’t be able to use this to make your life hell. Your glass sliding on a surface isn’t a worry with its gripping base.  

 And that base is food grade, so don’t worry if you drop it on your drink. The soft felt and the coaster is dishwasher compatible. This whole design is practical. 

These come in a set of 6, and remember! You’re getting 2 in 1.

5. Thirstystone Bamboo and Faux Leather Ambiance Coasters

Back with another bamboo coaster. This coaster comes in at 5 on the list. With a faux leather border around the bamboo, it gives an elegant view to the eye. The basket or caddy whatever you call it is also of bamboo material. 

Owing to the elegant look of these coasters and a very classy bamboo case it can be a nice addition to your desktop while it’s not in use. 

It is absorbent as it should be. Your office desk will be very much safe from condensation. The faux leather adds an extra layer of protection.

The faux leather is black or dark choc brown, with different colors to the different eyes. But the downside of having faux leather is you can’t wash it in a dishwasher. The heat will damage the faux leather. It is easily dryable in the sun. 

Like most of the coasters, it comes in a pack of 6 and can be a perfect gift for Christmas.

6. PU Leather Coasters for Drinks

This coaster coming at in number 6 is all leather. Did you see how we are making a transition from bamboo to leather with a mix of both in the middle? 

This coaster ticks all the necessary marks like all of the ten here. But each one has its unique points. This one has a premium look because of the leather covering. It’s a sleek and modern-looking coaster that’s fit for a lavish office party or a formal meeting. 

An essential criterion for a coaster is protecting the furniture, and it does that. No spot, strain, or damage will happen to your desk if you have this around.

365park kept the eco-green slogan in mind while designing this coaster. The PU leather of this coaster is natural and nature-friendly. It doesn’t slip and is water-resistant. But I’d be careful washing it in a dishwasher. 

The drip protection is about 3.9-inch and comes in the usual 6 in a pack.

7. Bambu Coasters with Tree Motif

Again we’re back with bamboo coasters. And this one is from a company named Bambu! No, No! We’re not tree-huggers, but we love nature, and so do you! 

This coaster is like the artwork on a wall. You’d all be saying that if you look at the beautiful tree motif on the coaster. Its design is commendable, to say the least with its contemporary and elegant look. 

They used food-grade adhesives and finished it with natural oil. It’s all-natural about this one! As a result, no imparting or absorbing of flavor onto the surface. 

Hand washes this in warm soapy water and air dry. Keep it away from the microwave and dishwasher. Using this coaster in those tends to damage the quality. 

It comes in a set of four. It seems very few when you think of the artwork level of this coaster. But who’s stopping you from buying more than one pack?

8. Cork Coaster

You can guess the material of this coaster by the name. Natural homes used sustainable wastes to make this one. They used barks as the core material as they should as natural home, pun intended.  

It is simple looking and light but classy. The color is light brown and you can see the texture of the used materials on it. 

You’ll find this coaster similar to the bamboo coasters. They all feel the same. The material comes from a living oak tree giving you a 100% natural vibe. And it is renewable and reusable. 

The drip protection of this coaster is 3.75-inch. When compared to other coasters it has less drip protection but enough for general use. 

These come in a pack of four.

9. Absorbent Coasters For Drinks

At number 9, comes the absorbent coasters by Enkore. Enkore seems to have got the top places in the market. Not by any fluke, I tell you. Their previous one was a silicone coaster, but this one is ceramic. 

Decorative transfer paint on the surface of this coaster gives it a simple but elegant look. The gray lines make for an attractive pattern catching the eye. 

Being a ceramic coaster, you’d expect that it absorbs fluid, and it does do that. Your office desk is free from the danger of condensation. It doesn’t have this stubborn stickiness to your glass. Isn’t it assuring to know that your glass and tabletop will be safe?

But there’s certainly a reason why this comes 9th in the list. While it is perfect for cold drinks, it doesn’t go well with drinks like coffee or tea. So beware. To wash these, soak them in household bleach and water in a 1:3 ratio.

It has the most massive drip protection of 4.3-inch and comes in a pack of 6.

10. Absorbent Felt Coasters with Holder

At the last position, we’ve got the absorbent felt coasters from HODA. The material is all felt. So you can guess absorption is not an issue with this one. 

You might think a felt can’t look that nice all on its own. But this one will fool you. The dark ash color gives it an exquisite look. 

These are very lightweight and environment-friendly like all the coasters in this list. Hoda designed it top stop spills so stop worrying about that. 

A washable material, 100% child-friendly,  easy to clean, easy to store is its quality. These are all the things you like to hear. You will want to have these whenever you have a drink with your buddies. 

The pack comes in a storage holder with eight pcs, the most in number in the whole list. But there’s a risk of wearing out faster than other sturdy coasters. If you look at the price, you see that it compliments it. 

Before you leave, let us give you some pointers. The price of these isn’t much so don’t skimp on quality. Go all-natural if you can.

And finally, buying any one of these, you won’t be disappointed, but the top 3 is always recommendable. Good luck!