15 Best Desk Organizers: Minimalist, Small, Wooden, & More

Do you dream of having an organized workplace?

Like everything is placed in an organized form.

I mean every single thing.

So in this case and I must tell you, the more organized you are the better productive soul you become.

For any workstation, a goodly-designed desk is the first thing that makes up the place.

But… Would it be wise to place just everything on top of the desk surface?

Of course not, that would be a total mess… Like putting the pens, diary, paper, clippers, and everything that you need for the work.

Your desk cannot be left empty, right?


Because… It cannot be. You need so much stuff right on your table and within your good reach.

Then… it comes to the definite need of the desk organizers to really organize your office desks to actually NOT get them ever cluttered.

Here we are starting to bring you the 15 best desk organizers for offices that are hot of the selection.

These desk organizers are made of different objects/materials. Select any as per your choice and the mood.

Minimalist Desk Organizers

And by the name of ‘minimalist’, you are exactly going to experience what you just read.

I present you, two minimalist desk organizers, to have them get added to your table which looks so simple yet elegant piece of office accessory.

1. Innovative Storage Designs Desktop Organizer

This 9 compartments and having the crystal-cleared object view with the usage of transparent plastic is the true example of being the minimalist desk organizer.

It holds the separate compartments to place the sorters, sticky note holder, a cup divided by four compartments to hold different sets of pens and the pencils along with three compartments to store the pins, paperclips, and similar small supplies.

Bring it up on your desk to get the quite-needed stuff organized!

Highlighted Features:

  • 9 compartments.
  • Made with transparent plastic.
  • Hold much of your small office supplies.

2. Like-it Large Desktop Station

And that makes it our next in the line for the minimalist-designed desktop organizer.

Just like the name, it is large in the shape to hold so much for you.

Made with the thermoplastic resin named “polypropylene” for the stronger body that ensures its durability for the increased lost-lasting.

Place it on your office desk and anywhere you need it as it can easily hold the letter-sized papers and the files within its one bigger compartment.

Another two medium-sized compartments are best for storing the envelopes and some other office-related accessories.

Lastly, the smaller but divided compartments on the front are to be used to hold the pens, paper pins, clips, scissors, and other tiny objects that you cannot afford to lose in the time of need.

Highlighted Features:  

  • Made with polypropylene.
  • Handle placed on the back for easy transportation.
  • Up to 10 compartments.
  • Easy to hold many office supplies.

Small Desk Organizers

What are you really thinking?

Do not think of anything though because they are not smaller.


These four small desk organizers are going to accommodate to their fullest despite being smaller in the size.

1. Leather Multi-function Desk Stationery Organizer

How much stuff do you want to hold?

Got a cell phone, remote controllers for the air conditioner, lots of stationery, stapler, business cards, and what more you can count?

Done with the counting?

Okay, this leather-made multi-functional desk stationery organizer from Kingdom is your product!

Because it is actually made with not just ordinary leather but the high-grade and qualitative PU leather while its inner and the bottom are made with soft flannel so that it is easy with cleaning and should not store the dust.

Its 5 compartments are easy-going to hold your office accessories such as cell phone, remote control, note papers, name cards, pens, and a lot more.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5 compartments.
  • Designed with high-grade leather.
  • Can even store the cell phone.

2. Wood Desk Organizer With Smart Phone Holder

I know you would have guessed it already but if you have not… There is a secret.

By the look of the picture, it looks more like being made with steel but it is not.

The pure wood… Yup, it is crafted with pure wood.

And comes with an integrated smartphone holder so that your smartphone is already placed in an organized format as well.

A black-colored wood desk organizer is so generous to hold a lot for you; from your phone (of course), calculator, paper notes, scissors, pens, and so many pencils, paper clips, and etc.

I meant just take out anything and let’s adjust into it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a smartphone holder
  • Store your office supplies in its 6 compartments with 3 large and 3 smaller

3. Multi-function Home Office Supplies Desk Organizer

Let’s look at this number three small disk organizer!

From Kingfom, the sturdy-designed purple-colored multi-functional and leather-made tiny desk organizer is big enough to hold your pencils, pens, remote controllers, mobile phone, calculator, a paper cutter with its 6 divided compartments.

And it has one more pulled-out drawer to keep the notepads in the size of to 4.5 inches.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-functional small desk organizer.
  • Sturdy with made of PU leather along with hard MDF for getting it moisture-proof and water-proof.
  • Up to 6 divided compartments with one rolling drawer to store the small size of the notepads.
  • Place your remote controllers, cell phone, calculators, pens, pushpins, and every single office supplies.

4. AmazonBasics Mesh Desk Organizer

Last in the line and makes up to number four in the list of small desk organizers.

This one is heavy-duty, made of metal wire mesh in black color which proves that it is not going anywhere if it is not lost or displaced by you. 

With the additional compartments on the top to store the pushpins, paper pins, and clips along with a rolling-out drawer to keep the 3×3 note pads for easy storage.

This metal-crafted desk organizer has other separate (and, divided) compartments to hold anything from pens to pencils, markers, or more in an organized way.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mesh desk organizer made of metal wires.
  • 7 divided compartments with one drawer.
  • Totally lightweight.

Wood Desk Organizer

Style is never complete without wooden furniture.

And for the office, a wood desk organizer is going to lit it all — with its elegance.

Try out these two wooden desk organizers to do the wonders.

1. Desktop Paper Tray File Folder Holder

This all-in-one bamboo-made holder is ready to sit in your office.

While its bigger size makes it compatible to accommodate files, folders, papers, envelopes; means anything you find in the loose can go to this organizer.

And with the drawer let’s put in your pen, pencils, keys, clips, notepads, and more of the smaller office supplies to keep them in one place.

Thinking of bamboo will slip off the surface?

Nope, it would not thank its rubber-made non-slip feet.

That keeps it in place on any type of surface without any problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with bamboo
  • 5 slots for the file folders with a drawer to store your office wears
  • Rubber-made non-slipping feets

2. Bamboo Multi-function Desktop Organizer

A multi-functional and bamboo-crafted desktop organizer is a great minimalist addition in your office I must say, where it helps you in keeping every of your necessary office supplies in an organized way.

With its tall divider, it gives efficiency to keep your files upright along with other compartments to hold your pens, markers, note pages, and the related stuff that you mostly need with your fingertips.

And again, it is non-slippery due to the rubber-made feet where it helps in keeping it sturdy and in place.

Not a bad selection when you are looking at the smart product!

Highlighted Features:

  • Multifunctional bamboo-made desktop organizer
  • Installed the rubber feet for the sturdy and in-place sitting of the organizer
  • Tall divider compartment to keep the files and folder upright
  • Best for placing over the office desk!

Desk Paper Organizers

Sometimes and most of the time, papers are the ones that just clutter the entire workplace and they need to be put in a definite order.

And… If you are the one facing the same situation, these two desk paper organizers are going to best fit for you.

1. Sorbus Acrylic Paper Organizer Tray

It is not one piece but three.

Yes, Sorbus designs this paper organizer this way to work as each and every dedicated piece is used to exactly what it is meant to be produced for.

And the three pieces come with;

  • Medium-sized tray holder
  • Notepad holder
  • And…. A cup holder

While the medium-sized tray holder has three dividers to put on the papers, envelopes, stationery, and more.

Notepad holder is to put in the small-sized notepads to use to draw the notes for yourself and you can put in the paperclips, pins, and more.

Lastly, the cup holder to store your pens, scissors, pencils, and more.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 pieces set
  • Medium tray, notepad, and a cup holder
  • Best for storing as much office supplies as you want to declutter your office desk

2. U Brands Mesh Steel Desktop File Holder

This hanging mesh metal steel-built file holder can best store the letter-sized papers for you to declutter your office.

Pour in paper or the files, and even the journals, newspapers, or anything in the form of paper and just hang it anywhere in your office room.

That is definitely going to make your office look stunning and stylish!

Highlighted Features:

  • Hanging file holder made with mesh metal steel
  • Built-In handles to take in anywhere you want
  • Put all of your letter-sized papers inside

Desk Organizer Tray

The desk organizer tray, another kind of desk organizer to be added to your office desk.

And I got one of the best for you!

1. Tray Desktop Organizer by Safco Products

Uniquely designed onyx mesh desk organizer tray has 6/six rooms where it is divided by two and is built with high-grade steel.

And it holds three sorters with the same three trays where you can place the small-sized books, file folders, and such pieces along with post mail, papers, envelopes, catalogs, and more within the sorters.

As per the quality, it is easily going to last for years!

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy with onyx mesh designed with steel
  • 2” wider sorters to place your books, binders, and the projects

Mesh Desk Organizer

Mesh desk organizers are not just good-looking but are light-weighted as well.

All in all, the quality and durability are no match.

So… Here I get to present the 3/three best mesh desk organizers!

1.  Rolodex Mesh Collection Desk Organizer

Mesh is LOVE!

And in the name of mesh desk organizer, it is more than LOVE!

Coming up with the first mesh one in the line, this styled one is from Rolodex that has designed this awesome-looking mesh desktop organizer made with steel and in its black color features two compartments for pen and space of 3×3 inches to store the notepad inside it.

I must say this definitely has to be in your possession!

Highlighted Features:

  • Mesh desk tray organizer made with high-grade metal
  • Comes with 2 compartments and wider space to hold the notepad

2. SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

And this one is big, the bigger!

Best counts into the queue of elegant, stylish, and fancy mesh desk organizers!

The one made by Simple Houseware brings to you the space-saving mesh organizer.

The upper area consists of five upright compartments that are the size of 2 inches.

With the two-sided letter tray included with the rolling drawer with three compartments, you can place the normal-sized notebook with scissors, staplers, and more.

Within the rolling drawer, so much of your stuff going to get settled in it. Better to keep the loose stuff placed inside it.

No reason you can deny to not get it! 

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed with mesh wires
  • 2 sided load letter trays
  • 3 compartment drawer
  • 4 two inches wide compartments to hold the paper related stuff in the upright format\\

3. Mesh Desktop Organizer with 3 Drawers

I believe that is the mesh desktop organizer which is brilliantly designed!

One vertical file section with one horizontal letter tray can help in storing the files, folders, letters, and envelopes to place them in an organized way.

While three drawers can store the office supplies such as pens, notepads, pencils, and a little bit of office supplies.

Surely you are going to bring it to your office!

Highlighted Features:

  • Black colored
  • Built with onyx steel mesh
  • Horizontal letter tray with one vertical file section
  • Powder-coated finish

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Corner Desk Organizer

Corner means the corner and this time, it is the corner desk organizer that you would love seeing its sleek and lightweight design!

1. Mesh Corner Organizer by Safco Products

The pre-assembled solution that is easy to fit in any and unused corner of your desk, is what Safco brings for you in the range of corner desk organizers.

Brilliantly mesh-designed with thick steel, it is not going anywhere and soon.

Four-centered shelves with a sturdy surface can easily hold the slippery office supplies such as the staplers, and the sticky notes.

The other two outer sections will hold your binders, folders, files, and papers vertically to keep them near to your reach.

Be easy and fix all of your clutter with this corner desk organizer!

Highlighted Features:

  • Onyx mesh steel made a corner desk organizer
  • Four center shelves
  • Two outer sections to store the files/folders
  • Sturdy constructed so that it remains in place

Hanging Desk Organizers

Not can I doubt your choice by selecting another type of heavy-duty hanging desk organizer for your office?

And for the same reason, here I come with what you exclusively need!

1. Rubbermaid Hanging Desk

Rolodex brings another hanging desk organizer in the market with 8/eight compartments that suspend from having the file rails handing.

And the greatly designed shallow front section is the place to store the tiny office supplies with the too-large back section is able to store much bigger items in size and weight.

Let’s hang it and store the vital office supplies that you need too often!

Highlighted Features:

  • Hanging desk organizer suspends from the hanging file rails
  • Built with 8 compartments
  • Front and back sections to store the light and heavy items
  • Lightweight


Nonetheless, you are presented with the best desk organizers for your office.

And only the latest and the stylish (and of course, have to be lightweight and durable) desk organizers are going to last.

Choose any as per your need.

Then… Do ask me anything about any of the products a.k.a. the sleekish desk organizers.

Enjoy having the best for your office!