10 Best Daily Planners To Keep You Productive At Home Office

Many of us try to organize our daily life’s activities on our head. Most of us fail to do so. It’s more difficult if you are working from home. That’s where a daily planner can be very helpful. There are different daily planner apps and software available out there. But, for many, pen and paper proves to be more effective than anything else. Some people just feel that way. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.Here I’ll be sharing a list of 10 Best Daily Planners that can help you to be more productive at your home office. You can choose one that suits your needs. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Panda Planner Pro

Panda Planner Pro will provide you with a scientific method of happiness and productivity. We all know that not every task is equally important. Some require special attention. This planner will take care of that by helping you prioritize your tasks. Moreover, this planner will keep you accountable. Three sections of this planner (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly) are very well designed. These will help you to stay on track.

You will also be very flexible while using this planner as it is non-dated. That way, you can avoid wasting unused empty pages which none of us would like to do. It consists of 185 pages (6 months) which are in white with grey print. Pages are also spacious giving you much roaming to write.

2. The Simple Elephant Planner

This planner will help you stay focused on your priorities. In your battle to overcome procrastination, this planner can aid you by keeping you accountable. It has pages to list things for which you’re grateful. It helps you to stay positive and motivates you to work for your goals.Generally, productive people use the balance of their left and right brains. By providing you with a mind map (for the left brain), and vision board (for right brain) sections, it fully engages your brain.

Elephant planner comes with high-quality thick paper of luxurious quality. It is a hard cover product with soft leather. As the capacities go, it has high capacity with 12 monthly views, 52 weekly views and 59 pages for notes.

3. Productivity Planner- Daily Planner

Productivity Planner is my personal favorite. It has been formatted based on leading productivity principles of this decade. It has a Pomodoro style work system that will help you fight distractions. Beating procrastination is also one of its specialties. In this planer, you get to rate your productivity at the end of each day. And this helps you become more active as the days go on. You get to review your weekly activities and measure it with your weekly goals.

More so, this planner is non-dated, so there’s no issue of wasting pages. It has a total of 115 daily pages in addition to weekly reviews, and it’s for six months, so that’s 5 daily pages per week.

4. Freedom Planner Pro

If you are in need of a planner to help you achieve your goals, then Freedom Planner Pro could just be your thing. This planner takes you to a step by step path to achieve your goals.You set your goals at the beginning of the year in this planner. Then there are monthly planning pages to set monthly goals. After the end of each month, you will also have monthly reflection pages to review your monthly performance at a glance. You also get a two-page weekly layout to improve your efficiency.

To keep you on the positive vibe, you are required to make a list of everything you feel the most grateful about, each week. This planner is also undated so you can start your journey towards your goals at any time of the year.

5. Panda Planner 

Panda planner uses a scientific method to productivity and happiness. It is an undated planner. So wasting pages or leaving empty pages shouldn’t bother your bum. It is a three section planner; daily, weekly and monthly. This planner can help you become organized and prioritize your tasks. Furthermore, the planner is designed to assist you in keeping your life and work balanced.

By facilitating you in beating procrastination, it makes you more effective and productive. Panda Planner also puts you accountable. All of these to help you achieve your goals and lead a happy and prosperous life. Panda Planner is designed for three months of use.

6. At-A-Glance Weekly Appointment Planner

Looking for a planner to help you in keeping track of time?Herein, At-A-Glance Weekly Appointment Planner can be your thing. This planner has weekly two-page spreads. Here, you can plan each day down to 15 minutes’ increment. Don’t be fooled by the name and think that this planner is just for the people who only take appointments. It can also be an excellent option for the people who want to time block their daily schedule. This results in improving their efficacy and output.

This planner is wire-bound and covered with smart looking simulated leather. It is designed for 13 months of use from January to January.

7. Action Publishing Minimalist Day Planner

If you are among those people who like simplicity, then this minimalist day planner is for you. This planner will provide you with lots of room for writing. It has far less visual distraction than your usual planners. There is ample space to write down your plans for each day in the two-page vertical spreads. It is easier to use because of its wire-o double loop binding. And the rugged covers make it compatible for harsh use.

This planner gives you daily appointment space as well as to-do area. It is designed for 12 undated months with 144 pages.

8. Colouring Day Planner

If you feel burdened by heavy workload or feel tired of assignments, then the Coloring Day Planner could help you to cool down and relax. It has a beautiful uncolored illustration on each page for you to color.For the longevity, protective PVC cover has been used in this planner. Also, it has one more uncolored cover for you to color to however you like it. By coloring its cover and inner pages each day, week, and month, you are provided with ‘colour therapy’ to fight off your stress.

This planer consists of weekly, monthly, account, free note and checklist sections. It is also undated so you can start anytime.

9. The Mastery Journal

If you are looking to build better habits to help you achieve your goals, then mastery journal might just be the thing. It will help you to develop better habits in 21 days. Once you start using this, it grows into you.Daily pages will help you set productive routine and also help you to stick by it. Journal’s built-in focus section will help you stay on course until triumph. You can also give yourself scores to assess, for focusing at the end of each session and day.

As the pages remain undated, you can start whenever you feel like and also avoid wasting pages. This journal is designed for 100 days to use.

10. 10-Minute Planner

If you want a planner that is easy to use, then you can try out 10-Minute Planner. This planner can help you get organized. It will assist you in planning your day, week and month. You can prioritize your tasks using this planner. It will help you plan your day in a way that can prove useful. This day planner includes most important tasks section, appointments section, to-do list, well-being checklist, space to write down good things that happened, checking your productivity level and more space for your notes- all these on one page.

The planner also approaches undated so you can start at your convenience. It is designed for a minimum of 6 months.


Finally, here we have already talked about the top 10 daily planners. As you could see, different planners specialize in various fields, based on the type of your work or your requirements; you can take your pick.However, if I were to choose one for my home office or recommend one, I would go for the Productivity Planner – Daily Planner for multiple reasons.For example; how it keeps you motivated by showing inspiration quotes on every page, how it keeps you focused, accountable and to fight procrastination. Moreover, it uses Pomotechnique to help you to compete with distractions.Besides all these, if you compare the prices of planners, it comes in handy. Hope this post helped you to find a Productivity Daily Planner for you.