The 6 Best Adjustabale Standing Desks & Converters

If you work sitting in front of the computer all day long, your health is at risk.

Being a full-time blogger, I know the pain. I’ve already faced health issues like back pain, over weight, etc.

So what’s the solution?

A standing desk is the solution. It’s healthy (beware to not stand for so many hours though.)

To avoid a lots of sitting in the day, you can use an adjustable standing desk. If you already have an office desk, you can use standing desk converter to save money and space.

Let’s talk about the adjustable standing desks first.

The Best Adjustable Standing Desks

The hunt is just going to be started for finding the best adjustable standing desks for you to bring in your office or the home.

Having different sets of quality and mainly the features, the market is so-filled with the standing desks that are adjustable according to one’s height and convenience but our motto is to bring you the best!

1. EleTab Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Made of scratch-resistance frame with pure steel and the sturdy designed desk is able to hold the weight of 88 lbs that is indeed the good amount of weight.

This height adjustable desk is the easy-achiever of 29” to 47.6” (in inches) so it is best suited for the people that are of different sizes.

Its manual hand crank is so smoother to hit the required height-level even with your laptop and other peripherals placed on the desk with safety.

Coming with the larger table top area measuring to 55.1” in length and 23.6” in the width that is plenty bigger to hold your laptop, and even the monitor along with much more office supplies.

And the EleTab manual adjustable standing desk comes with the easy assembling installation guide to put it into the shape with the required hardware that are included.

Highlighted Features:

  • Holds the weight up to 88 lbs.
  • Adjustable standing desk with crank system to adjust the height.
  • Made of scratch-resistant steel.
  • Easy to assemble.

2. VIVO Black Mobile Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk

This solid constructed adjustable stand up desk crafted by VIVO in the color of black and  that is all made with steel frame and the stronger MDF shelves that are scratch resistance to ride it roughly.

Being designed as scratch resistance, it gives enough of the support to keep the equipments not to slip.

Beware of the recommended weight count as this desk can easily hold up to 132 lbs (and ONLY 33 lbs per shelf.)

Having the wider space to place everything under the four dedicated shelves, which are for;

  • The top shelf for the monitor
  • Lower than the top shelf for keyboard
  • Middle shelf placing your diary, office supplies or such items.
  • And the last shelf to place the PC tower, printer, or speakers or anything else that are bigger in the height.

So, that is one ideal compact sized desk to place in the tidy areas as it does not possess so much space.

That ergonomic adjustable desk allows you to be used as the sitting as well as standing modes with 11 locking intervals to fit as per your comfort while the minimum height this desk can go up to 37” with the maximum achievable height of 54.5” (in inches.)

And lastly, the mobility.

Yup! That VIVO adjustable stand up desk can go anywhere you want it to go.

Its four durable attached casters with the desk can make you to easily move it to any side of the room with having two casters to get locked to hold them stationery .

Cart comes with 27.5” and with the side length of 28” which are enough to hold them firm when you are busy punching the work! 🙂

Highlighted Features:

  • Black-colored ergonomic height adjustable standing desk
  • Sturdy steel frame with solid MDF shelves
  • 11 different lockings
  • Have multiple shelves
  • Installed with four durable casters with locks in two casters
  • Overall weight of 132 lbs (and 33 lbs per shelf)

3. All-New Rocelco Height Adjustable Mobile Sit to Standing Desk

This sit-and-standing height adjustable desk from Rocelco is uniquely designed by keeping one thing in check; give utmost comfortability to produce JUST the best work.

While it serves the both options of sitting and standing at the work with rising to as much as 49” and way down to 31” so that you do not feel fatigue in either scenarios.

Built it with one intention to give clear and wider surface of 40” wider and the height capacity of 40 lbs to hold up to two set of monitors easily on the top or one laptop with a monitor while the keyboard sits on the second and middle shelf for easier usage.

But that exclusive ergonomic keyboard tray gets to hit the height of 26.5” from the floor and at its lowest level of the lock, and that is for what; comfortability while punching the keyboard when seated.

A grommet-made hole is used for the sleek cable management to actually not mingle them or you can use that to install the monitor for having dual monitors to put them at work, it is definitely your own choice. 🙂

Highlighted Features:

  • Can hold two monitors
  • Separate ergonomic keyboard tray
  • Easy to hold the weight of 40 lbs
  • Grommet hole for the efficient cable management or install the monitor arm

The Best Standing Desk Converters

Now what is that standing desk converter used for?

To actually not throw away your current stationery and immovable desk in your home or the office.

These standing desk converter are easy to place over your already-used desk and are almost half in the size than the adjustable standing desk that is primarily used as one-unit desk.

Now what?

Of course, the hunt to find the best standing desk converter is just about to continue! 🙂

1.  FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter

This fully assembled standing desk converter from FITUEYES is ready, just ready to get you to work without setting it up.

The desk converter can achieve the maximum height of 16.1” and the lower level to up to 2.2” from the table’s surface to fit with your height.

And the clear surface of 30” x 20” for easy placement of a laptop, dual monitors, and even the single monitor.

So if you are looking for the minimalist designed standing desk converter, it is one best desk to choose within the very affordable price range.

This adjustable desk converter can be used in the dual formats; sitting and standing with just a lever away.

Want to raise it, just gently press the level and it is ready to go up.

And to lower it down to adjust your height and even you want to sit on your chair, lets just press the level again and push it down by placing one hand on the level and the other on the other end of desk and with a little pressure downwards.

Highlighted Features

  • Best used for placing dual monitors.
  • Fully assembled.
  • Height adjustment with the lever’s push away.

2. BestMassage Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

This desk converter from BestMassage is simply designed for the highest comfortability with so-less amount of effort.

The great sitting and standing modes are applied with the super-soft height adjustment range of 5.9” to 19.7” to exactly fit with your height. 

And the doubled-gas spring lift ensures you make the height adjustment easy and jerk-free by pressing the handles to rise and lower the desk from going standing to sitting.

It has one notable feature where its counter-balance tension absorbs the weight you place on the table but make sure the weight counter does not exceed from 33 lbs.

And what more? The removable keyboard tray to give you a good-looking standing desk converter when you are in no mood to use the external keyboard.

By the way, that keyboard surface area can hold so much on it; from the keyboard to mouse without cluttering them.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in black color.
  • Easily place dual monitors.
  • Removable keyboard tray.
  • Phone holder on the keyboard tray.
  • Double gas spring lifter.
  • Maximum weight up to 33 lbs.

3. Seville Classics WEB599 Airlift Desk Converter

Another comfortable fully adjustable desk converter is here for you introduced by Seville Classics and they named the model as WEB599.

Having the surface size of 30.3” x 20” is totally best-suited for placing the dual monitor.

Installed with the smoother pneumatic gas spring lifters that are able to rise up to 16.9” and as lower as 4.7”.

Coming with the phone holder on the upper table top surface to keep your phone, tablet, or any other smart devices in comfortable view. 

And the separate keyboard tray which can easily be removed in case the keyboard is not required, and its wider surface can mount the mouse along with keyboard.

As the unit comes pre-assembled, you can install anything and everything in the matter of minutes with the given instructions to place it anywhere from you office to the home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in phone holder.
  • Height adjustable standing desk converter.
  • Gas spring lifter.
  • Comes in black color.
  • Easily place dual monitors.

The Conclusion

Now we are just on the part of conclusion.

But we have gotten something already…

The best available adjustable standing desk and the adjustable standing desk converter in the market that are so ready to be in your home or office.

Believe that you will find the enhanced and extra-level of the productivity with getting to work through the both type of the height adjustable desks.

Go get them!